COVID-19 Sanitation Standards

May 29, 2020

The governor has announced that LA County salons can now reopen given they follow certain safety guidelines. I have always upheld the strictest standard for myself as far as cleanliness and sanitation prescribed by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. In addition, during this time I will be observing additional methods of sanitation and this outline is to inform you of the changes but also to invite you to be a part of the process.


*None of these precautions are optional and must be executed to their fullest extent to receive service.*


-Once you arrive to your appointment please stay in your car until you are notified to come in via text or phone call. This makes sure there is only one guest in the salon space at all times as well as allowing proper sanitation procedures before and after guests.

-Please come alone. I am minimizing the amount of people in and out of the space. I am removing the waiting area chairs to assist in this.

-All guests are required to arrive to their appointment with a mask already on their face before entering Salon Row. Please make sure the mask is the kind that goes around ears. Masks will be worn by both me and guests during the entire duration of the appointment. If you do not have an appropriate mask I will have them for a two dollar surcharge on your service bill. 

-Limit your belongings you bring to the appointment. I am trying to minimize the amount of objects that were touched by anyone in the salon space. This includes laptops, unnecessary devices, etc.

-There will be hand sanitizer available and REQUIRED to use once you arrive. You will also be sanitizing hands upon any re-entry of the space

-Please make sure you come on a full stomach and are hydrated. There will be no eating or drinking inside the salon space. If you need a snack or beverage you are welcome to visit your car during your service, but will need to sanitize hands once you return to the space.

-I am taking EVERYONE’s temperature with an infrared thermometer at lobby entrance. This precaution aids in making sure everyone is comfortable coming to the space.

-I have implemented a 15 minute break in between all services and guests for sanitary measures. The station and chair, as well as wash basin and any other object to have contact with guests and myself will be thoroughly sanitized with disinfectants approved by the CDC and CA Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. This includes but is not limited to all the tools and implements I use such as combs and brushes, and encompasses previously state-mandated sanitation I was practicing prior. With all of this I thank you for your patience with me timewise while adjusting to this enhanced level of safety and precautions.

-The hardest measure for me is strict social distancing. Obviously I will still be observing distance at any time possible for me as your hairdresser to do so. Air hugs are a thing right now.

Some of these practices are obviously not permanent and may be subject to change. I have covered the important points, however more may follow.


I do not want to refuse service to anyone but will absolutely need to if these measures are not followed.

I have disabled online booking for now. I need to prioritize those who had standing appointments when the pandemic took hold here and then will be possibly reactivating it in a few weeks. Feel free to reach out via text if you feel you had an appointment scheduled that needs rebooked. Again, if you did not have an appointment on the books prior to March 13th, please be patient as I am getting guests rebooked. 

That’s all for now as the story continues....

All the Best and Stay Safe,